choose your beluga

Box beluga age 31 lives in Norway. He wants to be a scuba diving beluga and his a brother named Brazil beluga who lives in Argentina(He traveled there on a long journey)

He is currently talking with another beluga named bil and billl. They are headed to argentina to meet Brazil beluga. But it will be hard. VERY VERY HARD! So then they walk to the airplane and go to argentina. On the way the run into pat the pilot whale. He is also going to Argentina!

The newest beluga, Bailey. He just came back from Disneyland on the Nemo Submarine Voyage. His favorite hobby is hugging his friend, Billy. And also noscoping sharks. He is 18 years old, just old enough to vote for the next president under the sea. His dream is to be that president. He is heading to Norway to meet Box beluga, his dad who lives in Iceland. He really wants to show his dad his friend he met in high school.